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The Blue Uniform started with a dream:  Building a brand from scratch and inspire others to take a risk for their passion. TBU is passionate about denim and is willing to work for it.

TBU finds its inspiration from their Swedish heritage and the workers who paved the way.

TBU admires creators and the ones that work for a cause.

When a ship weighs, or raises its anchor it tells everyone that it is leaving its current port-of-call and is on its way to a new voyage, a new adventure.


This is a metaphor for how each one of us feels when we finally decide to leave a portion of our life behind us in order to begin a new journey, a new voyage, or a new adventure.

TBU wants you to take a risk, follow your passion and represents the anchor on each garment so you don´t forget it.

The anchor is the red thread through all the collections and the symbol of The Blue Uniform. 

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